QUESTION: What equipment does Southland Utility Services, Inc. have available for projects?

ANSWER: A list of our equipment includes: 1220 Boring Rig, 3020 Boring Rig, Mini Excavators, Air Compressors, Kershaw Skytrims, Morbark Wood Chippers, 800 Gallon Vacuum System, 500 Gallon Vacuum System, Side Arm Tractor, 450 Dozer with 6 Way Blade, New Holland TV 6070 Forestry Tractor, Front End Loader/Backhoe Combination, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and SuperTrack SK 190 Forestry Mulcher

QUESTION: Does Southland Utility Services, Inc. only work for utility companies?

ANSWER: No. Southland Utility Services, Inc. has the capabilities to provide a variety of services to residential customers, counties and municipalities. 

QUESTION: Can Southland Utility Services, Inc. install any size pipe using the method of horizontal directional drilling?

ANSWER: Currently Southland Utility Services, Inc. has the capabilities to safely bore 3/4" to 12" stick, poly or steel pipe under roadways or water crossings.

QUESTION: What are the benefits of properly maintaining utility right of way?

ANSWER: Properly maintaining the right of way helps reduce outages during storms, and makes it safer for the utility company crews to work on the lines during routine maintenance or after a storm.

QUESTION: What type of underground facilities can Southland Utility Services, Inc. locate?

ANSWER: Any utility that can be induced with an electromagnetic signal such as tracer wire, galvanized pipe, and irrigation control wire can be located by our locate department.

QUESTION: How long does an estimate usually take?

ANSWER: In most cases, an estimate can be provided to a potential customer within 48 hours.

QUESTION: What size material can you safely mow with your tree-cutter type bush-hog?

ANSWER: Southland Utility Services, Inc. can safely mow material up to 8” thick in size.




A truck, towing the Ditch Witch caused some damage to a wire fencing and protective covering for our wild flower garden; this happened only as the tail end of the towed equipment struggled to clear the Tupelo Circle / Gazebo area safely. Clearly the driver was not aware of the problem as the areas in front of the direction he was navigating were primary. Hamford and James were wonderful in their approach to solving the situation and in their concern for CHELCO clients and residents of this part of Seaside. We are really impressed and grateful and wanted to alert management to this fine example of Southland Utility Services, Inc. personnel as representatives of the corporation.