Every year, the Field Inspections Department here at Southland Utility Services, Inc., inspects all electrical distribution equipment from CHELCO's (Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative) substations down to the secondary service line that feeds the consumer's home at the meter. Field Inspectors are highly trained in analyzing this equipment from the ground without ever touching it or getting in close proximity of it; for damages, discrepancies, or the need for maintenance. They report their findings in a software program that is directly linked to CHELCO, so that repairs or preventive maintenance can be performed in a timely manner before major damages occur that can cause an outage. The inspectors are also highly trained in customer service so that they can best serve CHELCO's member. Field Inspectors do their absolute best in assisting its customer, CHELCO, with the best quality service possible on approximately 4,100 miles of power lines and 56, 000 meters. They also are trained to keep Safety First, which requires them to attend mandatory training each year. So please, if you see one of Southland's Field Inspectors on your property, allow them to do their job of inspecting CHELCO's infrastructure so that you, the consumer can benefit from this service.


  • Primary electric distribution lines (power lines)
  • Secondary electric lines (service lines)
  • Power poles and drop poles- primary and secondary
  • Transformers - pad mounted and overhead
  • Pedestals and switch/junction cabinets
  • Capacitors
  • Switch gear
  • Fuse banks/fuses
  • Lightning arrestors
  • Meter/meter bases
  • Surge protectors
  • Service risers and weather heads
  • Eye bolts
  • Ground rods and wires
  • Insulators
  • Cross arms
  • Guy wires/shields
  • Seals




The actions of Chris and Joey are a positive reflection on Southland Utility Services, Inc. They are role models for other employees to emulate.