Southland Utility Services, Inc. has been at the forefront of the Underground Utility Installation Industry since 1998. We are skilled in the subsurface installation of water systems, forced sewer systems, natural gas pipeline, telecommunications, CATV and electrical lines. We currently have two Directional Boring Rigs for the times when soil excavation is not feasible or possible. We can safely bore 3/4" to 12" stick, poly or steel pipe under roadways or water crossings. We are also equipped with a fleet of mechanical digging machines; no job is too large or too small!

In addition to the placement of our customer's facilities, we also offer the services of our Emergency Response Team after completion of the project. We have a live, competent person available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week including weekends and holidays. Our contact can be reached by telephone or email anytime for our valued customers. Upon notification of an emergency, our Emergency Response Team will spring into action to first make sure the site is safe to the public and then make the necessary repairs so downtime to our customer's facility is kept to a minimum. At Southland our belief is, "Your crisis is our crisis!"


  • Mechanical Excavation
  • Water and Forced Sewer System Installation
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Construction
  • 24 Hour On-Call Emergency Response Team
  • Directional Boring up to 12" Diameter
  • Underground Electrical Placement
  • Telecommunications and CATV Burying
  • Competitive Rates




A truck, towing the Ditch Witch caused some damage to a wire fencing and protective covering for our wild flower garden; this happened only as the tail end of the towed equipment struggled to clear the Tupelo Circle / Gazebo area safely. Clearly the driver was not aware of the problem as the areas in front of the direction he was navigating were primary. Hamford and James were wonderful in their approach to solving the situation and in their concern for CHELCO clients and residents of this part of Seaside. We are really impressed and grateful and wanted to alert management to this fine example of Southland Utility Services, Inc. personnel as representatives of the corporation.