The Southland Utility Services Underground Utility Locating Department can provide line locating and protection services for any subsurface utility that can be induced with an electromagnetic signal. Our Damage Prevention Specialists utilize the A.P.W.A. Recommended Marking Guidelines when locating and marking underground utilities. We also offer site surveillance to ensure our customer's facilities are protected during construction and have a 24 hour a day on call person to handle after hours emergency line spots. We utilize the Irthnet Ticket Management System and can send positive response information from the field via laptops at the completion of each locate. Our Damage Prevention Specialists undergo annual testing and recertification and are trained in SSOCOF as well as Alabama One-Call rules and regulations. When it comes to billing, we give our valued customers a choice when paying for our quality locate service. We offer flat rate, hourly or unit billing for your convenience.


  • Underground Power Locating
  • Telecommunications & CATV Locating
  • Fiber Optic Locating
  • Natural Gas Locating
  • Traceable Water & Sewer System Locating
  • Site Surveillance
  • Impartial Damage Investigating
  • Competitive Rates
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)




A truck, towing the Ditch Witch caused some damage to a wire fencing and protective covering for our wild flower garden; this happened only as the tail end of the towed equipment struggled to clear the Tupelo Circle / Gazebo area safely. Clearly the driver was not aware of the problem as the areas in front of the direction he was navigating were primary. Hamford and James were wonderful in their approach to solving the situation and in their concern for CHELCO clients and residents of this part of Seaside. We are really impressed and grateful and wanted to alert management to this fine example of Southland Utility Services, Inc. personnel as representatives of the corporation.